Construction Cleaning Services

Construction Clean-Up – Scottsdale / Phoenix, AZ

housekeepingResidential or Commercial construction of any kind can be very time consuming and messy to accomplish. When completed, it’s always worth it though! Whether you are constructing, rebuilding, remodeling or renovating your home, office or similar we are here to provide the cleaning assistance you require to get back on track without a hitch. We would love to provide you with quality clean-up services when and how you require them!

Ongoing Cleaning Crews & Post Project Cleaners

Tell us how we can help you clean up and we’ll customize an appropriate reoccurring, on-demand or one-time cleaning system that is tailored to your specific cleaning wants and needs. Whether you need a post-construction project clean-up or multiple cleaning crew visits, just let us know how we can lend a Helping Hand!

So, go ahead and tear it down, build/rebuild it, replace it, upgrade it or simply bring it up to date and then we’ll clean up the mess how and when you choose.