Arizona Green Cleaning

housekeepingHelping to make the earth green starts at home. We are excited to be a part of minimizing the overall amount of toxic chemicals and pollutants in our Scottsdale homes, businesses and living environment by providing our customers with eco-friendly cleaning product and equipment options.

The reality of using non-toxic products is that it will not only make you feel better but literally increase your personal and living environment’s health as well. Every effort plays a positive part in all of our tomorrows. Are you incorporating green cleaning principles in your Valley space?

Our Commitment to Your Health

We eagerly offer our Scottsdale and Phoenix customers safe, healthy and caring services through the use of eco-friendly cleaning products and equipment. The green products we use are safe and yet powerful. It’s such a great feeling to enjoy a sparkling home or office space and rest assured that no damage has been done to the air, earth or water while accomplishing this task.

We typically provide all products and equipment necessary to accomplish your Scottsdale and Phoenix cleaning tasks, but infrequently customers will request we use the preferred products that they have purchased and really enjoy or require. How do we feel about this? No problem!

Green Products Breakdown

Most Requested Items

  • Zep® GreenLink™ Products – Green Seal™ Certified
  • KD Gold™ Non-Toxic Products – EPA® Certified
  • HEPA Vacuum Cleaners – 99.3% Dust and Particle Removal Systems
  • Ladybug® Tekno Equipped with TANCS® – Vapor Steam Cleaning Units